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Natural resources Smart use of time Saving money sustainable workplace circular economy

Zero waste office

without wasting natural resources, time,
money, health, talent

Zero waste as a way of life and a style of running a business is one of the developing trends. Employees and clients change their approach to shopping and services - they demand pro-ecological commitment and bold solutions that reduce the amount of waste as well as wastage of natural resources. This type of expectations can be effectively combined with more effective business operations.

The understanding of the zero-waste movement becomes simpler when, instead of something completely new, we start talking about a well-known and close to our culture a work without wasting. At its core, zero waste is all about saving resources and skillfully managing them. When we add a bit of innovation to this combo, we have a zero-waste business - also at the office.

Zero waste is a simple hierarchy of dealing with available resources that is aimed at economically and ecologically sustainable use of them. Refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle, rot.


Recyclable waste bin

Bin-e: a smart, self-learning waste basket. The device created by Polish engineers and produced locally makes life easier for employees, independently sorting office and living waste for selected groups. Thanks to this, it is easier to use recyclable materials efficiently. The device can be treated as a modern office furniture, adjusting its appearance to the interior design of the office.

Composting machine

OKLIN brand equipment is a novelty on the Polish market. Thanks to the temperature and microorganisms, the Acidulo machine disposes of food and bio-waste from the office kitchen and canteen in 24 hours. This solution is aesthetic and practical - self-service, reduces unpleasant odors associated with the decomposition of food leftovers, makes it easier to deal with bio-waste, which is a troublesome fraction.

Challenge fo offices

The zero waste solutions in the office can be a challenge, but we will make it easier for you :)

At the beginning, we propose three sets of tasks as part of the challenges of the zero waste office. We have focused on five areas: kitchen, bathroom, workstation, conferences / meetings and waste segregation .

In each area, we give one proposal of changes at the level of the entire office or at an individual level - possible to implement by each employee. At each level we also suggest what device can help you make your life easier and help you achieve your goal.

How to take part in the challenge? Choose the level from which you want to start: starter, smarter or cool and ... to work! Details can be found in PDF files. Or maybe you have already implemented most solutions? Share your experiences by writing an email to us: